Truck Drivers Legal Career Fight

Truck Drivers Legal Career Fight

Truckers must keep their records clean

We all know insurance helps protect us from financial disasters that can occur from health problems or accidents which in turn effects a persons economic livelihood. The same goes with DOT violations that effect a truck drivers livelihood by making a negative impact on their CDL records.Truck driver legal services are available to protect the driver before legal situations happen just like health & truck insurance.

Truckers can’t make too many driving mistakes it could cost them their livelihood

A professional truck driver depends on their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to make a living. They are not in the same class as ordinary automobile drivers and do not get the second chances other drivers get. This is why having truck driver legal services before any problem arise is wise. Having CDL legal help can mean the difference between losing your license and continuing to work. Even if you get a ticket, truck driver legal help can remove it from your record.
Other drivers are usually offered a deferral when they appear in court for a speeding ticket. Not so for truck drivers. Without legal assistance, truck drivers have a very difficult, if not impossible, time getting a second chance even when the ticket was wrongly given. Because of this, it is essential that truck driver’s legal services be acquired before any problems arise. A speeding ticket can be modified to a non-moving log book violation and even if it goes on the driver’s record, it will not affect the CDL or the driver’s standing with his company.

Serious violations include reckless driving, speeding 15 mph over the limit, following too closely, improper lane change, any fatal accident, no CDL in possession and railroad crossing violations. Being ticketed or accused of any of these violations may or may not be justified, but without CDL legal help previously engaged, the driver will be in a difficult position. Sometimes being stopped only once can bring several violations. By the time a lawyer is called and engaged, the cost may be prohibitive, but necessary all the same. For a very reasonable monthly price, legal help can start on your case before you even get home. If it is impossible for you to go to court, your rights and position will be defended for you.

Don’t wait until violations occur, Be Prepared, just like with auto insurance

Legal services just for truckers

Truck driver legal help will cover you whether you are on or off the job for any violation that could affect your CDL. You will get assistance 24/7. When you need help, one phone call to your truck driver legal services is all it takes to have them on your case. These lawyers have experience and knowledge in the field of CDL defense.

Getting truck driver legal help in advance could possibly save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. They will handle your case from the first call to the end with no limit on the hours they spend. You pay an agreed upon flat fee which will be a fraction of the normal charges that you would pay if you waited until you were in difficulties before you called a lawyer.

There are over 100,000 CDL cases in a data base along with the current CDL requirements, which are different in many states, available to CDL legal help companies. They can get an accurate assessment of any situation involving truckers on the road very quickly. This is part of what gives the trucker the advantage. The other part is the speed with which the lawyer can take up your case. They already have your personal information, so they can move straight to the issue at hand.

Change the way you think of lawyers

Pre-paid truck driver legal services have changed the way attorneys interact with clients. In the past only the very wealthy could keep an attorney on a retainer fee, basically on call 24/7. Today, even those with smaller incomes can protect themselves with the low monthly cost of truck driver legal help. This is very empowering and is especially necessary for truck drivers who need to keep their CDL record clean in order to maintain their livelihood. It benefits both the truck driver as well as the legal firm. The truck driver has legal help whenever they need it and the legal firm is able to reach a much larger clientele.

The services of good CDL legal help include attorneys who are knowledgeable in the field of motor vehicle violations and specifically CDL regulations. If the truck driver has any questions about their legal status, they can call their service company and speak to an attorney to get their questions cleared. There will be a 24 hour toll-free number for any legal emergency.

The aim of truck driver legal help is to give them the best quality legal representation at a price they can afford. They protect the rights of the truck driver and the interests of the trucking companies who want to retain their highly qualified, professional staff. All personal vehicle convictions will be a mark against your CDL. Two convictions means a 60 day suspension and a third conviction adds 120 days. This is too much time without work and can be easily avoided with truck driver legal services.

When their drivers are under protection the trucking companies are in a better position with regards to safety ratings, DOT compliance and the elimination of the predisposition of guilt for civil liability cases. By working with the safety departments in different states, problem can be solved before they become liabilities. Truck driver legal help in advance of any issues is a win/win situation for all involved.

Don’t Leave Your Legal Issue to Chance Lawyers are waiting to help! 

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